Gray Nicolls KABOOM GN8.5 Player Grade Cricket Batting Pads - LH

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Gray Nicolls KABOOM GN8.5 Player Grade Cricket Batting Pads - LH

  • Traditional cane construction for maximum shock absorption.
  • Gel-zone at knee with fibretec inserts in bolsters and 30mm thick wing provides extra protection.
  • Leg hugging design with moulded knee pocket and two 2" wide butterfly straps for stability.
  • Calf Strap Type Use the calf straps to firmly fasten the pads to your legs for better agility and enhanced comfort.
  • 3 Section Vertical Shin Bolsters The three section vertical shin bolsters of these pads are filled with cotton in the traditional style for improved comfort and shock absorption.
  • 2-Layer Composite Core Technology The 2-layer composite core technology incorporated in these pads ensures that your legs do not feel the impact of the balls hitting the pads.
  • Classic Fit Arch Design for All Day Comfort These pads have a classic-fit arch design that ensures optimum comfort while you are on the crease.
  • Premium pad with classical design look

Knocking Policy

Knocking-in a bat is a very essential and vital process to ensure its longevity and get the best performance. Cricket Bats are expensive items and it is important to take good care of it. Knocking-in process reduces the chances of a crack in your bat by 80%.

Knocking-in process, if done by hand using a wooden mallet, typically requires about 18-20 hours of knocking. To save the time and energy of our customers, WHACK Sports uses a fully automated machine to knock in the bats. The bat will be ready to use in 45 minutes.

Our knocking machine is designed with modern day technology with option to preset the desired number of knocks. It knocks in the bat thoroughly. The moving rollers ensure that it covers the toe, edges and the blade. We give 15,000 knocks to every new bat and no further knocking is required after that.

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There is no certain time a cricket bat will last. Cricket bats are made from willow which is a natural material and it is repeatedly hit with a hard cricket ball. Deterioration and a small amount of cracking are normal & inevitable. This shouldn’t bother you and have any impact on the performance of the bat.

Subject to the terms and conditions, WHACK Sports agree to repair or replace your gear in circumstances where it’s deemed to be manufacturer’s fault. All cricket bats sold by us are subject to a discretionary 12-month from the date of purchase (including replacement bats), manufacturers’ warranty for any damage deemed not to be the fault of the purchaser. When the manufacturer has inspected the item and reached a conclusion concerning the warranty claim, the customer will be notified of the outcome - being either the item repaired, credited for replacement/exchange or the warranty claim being refused. Please note that minor wear and tear and surface cracking to a bat does not constitute a warranty claim and is a common occurrence that does not affect the performance.

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Domestic Postage:

Postage cost will vary by the total order amount, weight and selected method of delivery. WHACK Sports provides service by Australia Post and Fastway Couriers for all domestic postage, and DHL and Australia Post for international deliveries. Orders Above $200 qualify for FREE Shipping Australia and New Zealand Wide.

A Flat fee of $9.99 is charged for orders below $199

International Postage:

For orders placed from outside Australia (except New Zealand), international freight charges will apply. Overseas deliveries may be subject to import charges and other local taxes for which customer would be liable. Customs restrictions may also apply.

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